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Let's adopt a common language
for Europe !

 AlterEuropa is a movement of citizens which promotes a more sovereign, democratic, and fraternal Europe thanks to a common language: New Latin


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Asserted autonomy

To defend its jobs and its values, the EU must be independent from other great powers. It must be autonomous and cooperative, which requires in particular the use of its own language.

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Democracy and equity

Let's work in our own language, more precise and 10x faster to learn than English. Let us demand that all European citizens are equal, without discrimination between native speakers and others.

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Major projects

Let us rediscover the major projects that have made its strength in Europe: Airbus, Ariane, Erasmus, ... On the industrial level of course, but also on the one of identity: with the adoption of a common language.



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Insufficient protection

Europe is struggling to protect its citizens from new economic, geopolitical, migratory, health threats ...


Cultural submission

In theory, European elected representatives and officials are supposed to work simultaneously in 24 official languages.


In fact, all exchanges take place in the language of the world's leading power (the United States).


Weakened economy

New economic giants are emerging in the United States and China (Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.): Europe will soon be technologically and economically overtaken..



New Latin is a variation of classical Latin, adapted to the needs of today's world.

Heir to a centuries-old history and culture, enriched with a modern vocabulary, stripped of declensions and other unnecessary grammatical complexities, it retains the richness and precision of Latin but is learned 20 times faster than classical Latin.

"The most ambitious European project since the Ariane rocket" 

 Quick to learn

Learning Modern Latin is 10x faster than other languages:

  • Words are written as they are pronounced (no silent letters)

  • Fully regular grammar (no verbs or irregular plurals, etc.)

  • Simple and regular conjugation

  • Prefixes and suffixes make it easy to construct and understand words

  • Vocabulary close to many European languages

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 Modern and current

Resolutely current, Modern Latin guarantees equality between the sexes:

  • For example, professional names always designate the two genres: thus “actor” and “actress” are translated by the same word

  • It does not include any rule such as "the masculine wins over the feminine"


Latin is already present

When the European Union seeks common cultural references, Latin is always used:

  • In 2000, the EU motto was adopted in Latin: In varietate concordia

  • The European anthem officially has no lyrics: those who want to sing it turn to Latin

  • The Societas Europaea, a European legal entity, has a Latin name

  • Countless inscriptions in Latin on our monuments and churches

Visit the Academy of Modern Latin website to access the full rules,

basic vocabulary, and easy and fun lessons to discover the language.

Let's demand that European administrations work in New Latin!

Let's be independent from the other great powers


It is we, the English-knowing men, that have enslaved India.

No country can become a nation by producing a race of imitators.


Mahatma Gandhi

Britain's real black gold is not North Sea oil, but the English language.

The British Counsel

Claude Hagège

To impose one's language is to impose one's way of thinking.

Claude Hagège

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